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 Association for the Beatification and Canonization of Empress and Queen Zita, Wife and Mother 

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We ask that you forward to us the names and contact information of others who may be interested in this Cause.  The Association will not share this information with anyone else. 

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Ass. pour la beatification et la canonization de l’impératrice et reine Zita
Abbaye St. Pierre, 1 place Dom Guéranger
F-72300 Solesmes

Donations may be sent by check (to the Association), or by electronic transfer to:

Crédit Mutuel Pays Sabollen, Allée Raiffelsen. BP 147
F-72303 Sablé sur Sarthe Cédex, France

IBAN: FR 76 1548 9048 2100 0692 1080 167